Femtation Adagio Act

Femtation Adagio Act at Curzon Hall

Femtation Adagio Act Series of Events Australia

Corporate, wedding or private event. Dance, fire, aerialists and more.

Show Breakdown

Book as a solo performance or combine with our Femtation ballerinas for a more spectacular dinner show

Sometimes referred to as Adagio Dance, Adagio Acrobatics is quite different to a dance act. Adagio Acrobatics is a seamless blend of dance and acrobatics in a partnership that showcases the grace, agility, trust, and strength of both partners as they perform to a variety of music. Lithe and lovely in their shimmering costumes, they twist and blend together, each dancer reliant on the other for the counterpoint of their movement.

Perfect as a single showcase in any gathering, or in concert with one of our vocalists or musical ensembles – or what about as a headliner in your Circus-themed event? In any setting or scene, the beauty and skill of these mesmerising artists will provide your audience with a show to remember.

Inclusions and Special Effects

-Dry Ice
-Bubble machine
-Fog Machine

Gallery Femtation Adagio Act

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