Fire Show – Femtation

Fire Show – Femtation Series of Events Australia

Corporate, wedding or private event. Dance, fire, aerialists and more.

Show Breakdown

Introducing the Femtation Fire Show – a mesmerizing experience that combines the elegance of contemporary dance with the excitement of acrobatics and stunts. Featuring a talented cast of rhythmic gymnasts, this show is a perfect balance of high energy and sophistication.

From graceful contortion and awe-inspiring acrobatics to seamless team stunts, every movement is expertly choreographed to leave you and your guests in awe. And if you’re looking to add an extra layer of excitement to your event, consider including the optional fire routines and aerial performances.

The Femtation Fire Show is perfect for weddings, corporate events, and any other occasion where you want to leave a lasting impression. With its blend of talent and creativity, this show is sure to captivate your audience and leave them talking long after it’s over. Book now and experience the thrill of the Femtation Fire Show!

Inclusions and Special Effects

  • Classy rhythmic contemporary gymnastics
  • Contortion and acrobatics
  • Team stunts
  • High-energy contemporary dance
  • Fire routines (optional add-on)
  • Aerial acts (optional add-on)
  • Dynamic special effects to enhance the overall performance
  • Exciting and visually stunning choreography
  • Showcasing the best in gymnastics, dance, and special effects
  • Creating a memorable and unforgettable experience for your guests.

Gallery Fire Show – Femtation

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