Excite Christmas Show

Excite Christmas Show Series of Events Australia

Corporate, wedding or private event. Dance, fire, aerialists and more.

Show Breakdown

Australia’s first developed Christmas show where carols meet the circus!

Following our scripted narrative, the show starts with our male and female lead singers working the crowd, with a fusion of Santa’s elves dancing as they wrap presents. Our Grinch appears and then the conflict begins. After each outro, singers come back keeping the sing alongside going until our narrative restarts by the Grinch reappearing unexpectedly! You’ve never seen a Christmas show like this.

What then follows is a highly interactive set of routines that keep audiences engaged, via crowd interaction, strong MC communication and of course stellar children friendly acts of circus, team stunts and high flying elf acrobats!

We designed this to be a fully fledged family entertainment Christmas show that you would buy tickets to go see. Kids love warning our cast everytime the Grinch appears, and dancing to the most popular Christmas carols.

Inclusions and Special Effects

The Excite Xmas Special Features:

Team Dance Routines

Popular carols and disney songs

Grinch stealing the presents!

Dual MC – singer and head elf

Adagio Routines- Couple Strength Holds

Acrobatics – Synchronised Routines

Human Towers

Evoke Singers – Chris and Lauren (playing Elsa from Frozen and more)

Balancing chairs – Circus

Alice in Wonderland Section (optional)

Frozen singing section

Santa Claus Ending with the Grinch turning good

The  show can cater from 15 mins to 2 hours, with or without a band, with or without singers.


Duration: 20 MIN to 1 HOUR (also customisable)


Stage Type: Indoor or Outdoor


Optional Special Effects: Fireworks, Snow Machines, Dry Ice, Confetti

Performers – 6 to 12

Show Format: Can operate standalone or take part in your variety program



Client Examples

Taronga Zoo    Watch Video

Lane Cove Council

Juniors Kingsford

Mounties RSL

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