LED Roving Hula Hoop Dancer

LED Roving Hula Hoop Dancer Series of Events Australia

Corporate, wedding or private event. Dance, fire, aerialists and more.

Show Breakdown

Let those attending your next event be dazzled by the amazing light show LED hula hooping has to offer.
Combining dance and tricky circus hoop moves, to spin together a delightful show of energy, light and colour.
10 to 15mins sets of roving (10min break time in between).
Roving= moving throughout event area or one area or stage

Inclusions and Special Effects

Client Examples

Experience performing at all kinds of events from nightclubs, community and kids events, festivals, corporate functions and private celebrations.

Previously performed at:

  • multiple nightclub venues across Sydney
  • festivals such as lost paradise & dragon dreaming 
  • activation events such as attended sydney swans show ground event
  • private birthday parties 
  • hula hoop roving for community night markets

Gallery LED Roving Hula Hoop Dancer

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Customise the Show

Choice of costumes: 

  • Range of Circus Themed 
  • Neon Swirl
  • Silver Sparkle 
  • Disco
  • UV Body Suit

New custom costumes for event theme if time permits.

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