Terms and Conditions 

By applying for membership and/or adding entertainment services to Series of Events (SOEA), you (The Performer) are entering into an agreement with SOEA that is bound by the Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) outlined in this document. This Agreement shall be construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of the state of NSW, Australia applicable to contracts enforceable in that state. By completing the membership process, you agree to have read, understood, and be bound by these Terms and Conditions. 


  1. Subscription – The term (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually) applicable to your membership profile.
  2. Members Portal – An account management interface for managing the content of your acts or additional services available for purchase, contact information, and company information.


We have two agreement types you can select from- EXCLUSIVE and SEMI-EXCLUSIVE.


You are our first priority! We are your exclusive agent that represents you. This arrangement works for performers that want SOEA to manage all their entertainment bookings. Clients that wish to book you outside of SOEA productions are sent to SOEA to manage your booking as the authorised agent.

SOEA is your full time agency that will work to provide gigs to you Australia wide. We want you to grow as an artist and as an influencer on social media. SOEA alone represents you, whether part of our acts or other interested parties for individual talent hire.

SOEA has built exclusive acts that feature you as a performer, represented by us as the agent. All acts you feature in, are presented by us as the agent to secure you bookings.


1.     Free access to SOEA facility for training, open sessions, and rehearsals year round

2.     Performer/s can still acquire leads through outside channels, you must provide clients with SOEA contact to manage your bookings, scheduling and sales process

3.     First priority for work, above outsourced talent directory

4.     Free promotional material, head shots and self-marketing using our facilities

5.     Earn additional income via special effects, team leader role and instructor classes

6.     Full representation and handling of all individual gigs, tours and placing you for work in our other productions

7.    You can use any footage of SOEA events but must tag @seriesofeventsaus in captions

8.    SOEA will tag you as a performer in all our social media posts that you feature within


1.      If you the performer are approached for any work opportunities (including any media outlets, other agencies, network producers, etc) you must inform us so we can represent and manage your bookings, as we manage all your gigs.

2.     We only take a 15% agency commission to represent you for job opportunities, when applicable (case by case basis).  We will discuss payment with you for any potential work, and won’t take any commission for low paying jobs

3.     You are bound by the general terms and conditions in this document

4.     To maintain your skill set you are required to train in our facility minimum once a week. Once you have accepted a booking, you must attend all rehearsals related to that booking if we require you to do so

5.     Any choreography, routines or creative content learned through SOEA in any of our products CANNOT BE DUPLICATED, TAUGHT OR PERFORMED TO EXTERNAL PARTIES OR COMPANIES

6. Social media – you must update the bio in your profile as – ‘represented by @seriesofeventsaus’

7. SOEA work hard to make sure you are working, if you need a day off you must give SOEA 14 days notice

8. You cannot perform in any similar competing products for other agencies

9. Must tag @seriesofeventsaus in any social media content captions in relation to SOEA academy and/or gigs (rehearsal, academy training, shows, commercials etc). Personal training or content is not required. You cannot tag the client, event planners or any other businesses without our express permission to do so.


This arrangement works for performers who want to learn our exclusive shows, but also work independently outside of SOEA. We can resell your independent acts, but you also can perform in our exclusive shows. Performers that learn our exclusive shows cannot perform in a similar competing product. 

 SOEA has built exclusive acts that feature you as a performer, represented by us as the agent. These exclusive acts belong to SOEA, and are taught for you to be feature in. It can only be booked via us as the agent of that act. Any acts you own independently can be booked elsewhere without our representation.


1.      Free access to SOEA facility for rehearsals when needed, fees apply for training and open sessions. These fees are subject to change

2.     Able to perform in our high quality shows

3.     Earn additional income via special effects and instructor classes


1.      Any leads outside SOEA for the exclusive acts we have built with you must be redirected to us for managing your bookings and sales process

2.     You are bound by the general terms and conditions in this document

3.     Any choreography, routines or creative content learned through SOEA in any of our products CANNOT BE DUPLICATED, TAUGHT OR PERFORMED TO EXTERNAL PARTIES OR COMPANIES

4. You cannot perform in any similar competing products for other agencies

5. Must tag @seriesofeventsaus in any social media content in relation to SOEA academy and/or gigs (rehearsal, academy training, shows, commercials etc). Personal training or content is not required. You cannot tag the client, event planners or any other businesses without our express permission to do so.

Our Social Media Policy 

We understand we live in a digital age and posting to social media is the norm for many performers. However, we ask that when performing for a Series of Events Client to always confirm with SOEA post anything to social media. 

Some clients make Series of Events sign a confidentiality agreement, not wanting their events promoted to the general public. Some clients have strict guidelines about this when to post and/or expect certain hashtags or elements of the event to be tagged or mentioned. 

In principle, the following Series of Events hashtags should always be used when posting to social at a Series of Events gig, once you have permission from Series of Events to do so. 

@seriesofeventsaustralia (Facebook) 

@seriesofeventsaus  (Instagram) 



When sharing to Social Media: 


  1. Only take photos or video when appropriate and it doesn’t impede you doing your performance 
  2. Mention you were engaged by Series of Events and tag our respective hashtags 
  3. Send photos or videos to members@soea.com.au 
  4. Always represent yourself and Series of Events in a professional manner and pride. 


  1. Post to social media without confirming with Series of Events that its ok to do so 
  2. Don’t tag the client or any other third parties or suppliers in your posts 
  3. Do not post anything that looks unprofessional or portray  your views as that of Series of Events. 
  4. Don’t post to social media live or during your performance in such a way as to distract from the performance you were engaged for. 
  5. Post images of the client, guests or staff 

Referrals and Repeat Bookings 

When you are booked by Series of Events you are also accepting our terms and conditions. We work extremely hard and spend a lot of money in advertising and promoting our services, to get you gigs. 

It is our expectation then, that when performing at a Series of Events gig, any inquiries for future events be directed back to Series of Events. 

Both digital and physical Series of Events business cards will be made available to you to hand out at our events. 

If you are booked by one of our customers, then all repeat bookings by this customer are to be referred back to Series of Events for a period of 13 months from the date of the last booking. 

Acts found to be abusing this will have breached the terms of our contract and maybe removed from the roster and money owed withheld. 


  1. When you accept a booking, you agree to appear & perform as agreed per the contract. 
  2. You agree to accommodate all reasonable requests by the client that do not extend your contractual agreement. 
  3. If a client asks you to extend your performance, please advise the client that there will be additional fees incurred. At this point, call the agent who booked you and they will deal with the client directly. 
  4. You agree to not perform for the same client for a period of 13 months from the date of your engagement unless arranged through Series of Events. 
  5. You agree to not display or distribute any personal, promotional or advertising material to the client, guests, or venue. 
  6. You agree that you will at all times look/act in a professional manner. 
  7. Future Bookings: with our clients or enquiries collected at the performance must be referred back to Series of Events. 
  8. Full payment: will be made by Series of Events within 7 days after the performance unless otherwise arranged. 
  9. Cancellations (by client): In the event of a booking cancellation occurs within 24hrs of the event, you will be paid 80% of the agreed fee 
  10. Cancellations (by performer): All cancellations must be made in writing. However, any cancellations by a performer within 28 days, can only be cancelled for reasons of ill health and must be accompanied by a medical certificate. 
  11. When invoicing Series of Events for a performance you are accepting all our Terms & Conditions. Invoices MUST be received within 7 days of receiving the Booking Agreement. A calendar invite can also act as a booking agreement. 
  12. A full list of terms and conditions are included with each booking agreement. 


  1. SOEA creates our own acts that we own and operate, but It’s not our expectation for your act to be “exclusive” with Series of Events if you do not have an arrangement to be exclusively represented by us alone. Members can choose from two types of advertisement: 
  2. Exclusive – SOEA alone represents and advertises your acts and services, whether part of our acts or your own creation
  3. Semi-exclusive – Your acts are advertised elsewhere as well as on the SOEA website, and you feature in our own exclusive shows
  4. About “semi-exclusive” – In regards to your own acts that is listed with multiple agencies, we aim to differentiate by providing additional services to your acts to encourage bookings. This can range from special effects, to added performers or routines to enhance your acts compared to other agencies. We will discuss what might be suitable to you, and whether you can receive additional fees by adding our services. For our exclusive shows you learn from SOEA, this is owned and operated by us alone.
  5. In an attempt to not create price pressure on yourself and Series of Events, we have made it a policy to change an acts name and list acts under a name that is unique to Series of Events if we feel appropriate. This allows us to market your act without incurring the possibility of inducing price pressure and potentially losing a gig. Where reseller prices are set to include our booking fees, we may leave your act names the same. 
  6. If you as a performer or act have an arrangement to be totally exclusive to Series of Events, we will take care of all bookings related to you as per the contract. It is expected if you are contacted directly for work, this should be escalated to your agent representative.  
  7. If Series of Events is acting as your exclusive agent, you will receive the following benefits: 
  8. Priority bookings for events that require your skillset 
  9. Free access to our training facility 
  10. Priority to take part in our own exclusive products and ticketed stage shows 


Members Portal – Subscriptions 

  1. SOEA offers free of charge memberships to those accepted as members after application. This allows you to register acts, set pricing terms and upload insurance documents and additional profile information. 
  2. Given the fast-growing nature of our business, we may reach a time when subscriptions may not always remain complimentary. We strive to represent the best acts and services, and therefore do not operate as a ‘directory’, rather a service provider. For this reason, we only have so many slots in each service type to promote.  
  3. Our goal is to provide a large volume of work for all members that are part of our ecosystem, so subscription services may turn to monthly plans based on how we scale. This will ensure we are working with established partners and performers that will have exclusive access to more work, and enjoying the promotional privilege of remaining with Series of Events without saturated competition.  
  4. If there are any changes to subscription services, you will be notified via email minimum 1 month in advance.  



Pricing for Performers 

  1. Series of Events generally works on a reseller price arrangement i.e. you provide us a discounted reseller rate, so our margin is incorporated into the regular price you charge elsewhere. This is also the model we use on our own products to resellers that white-label our services.  
  2. Once approved as a member, one of our agents will negotiate your fees to reflect the type of events you service, amount of work provided, and any additional services we can upsell to your acts.  
  3. In the situation our margin is on top of your standard price, we may need to amend or add additional upsells to justify the increased price to the end client. It is important to provide Series of Events with a level playing field, and provide us with the same base costs as you do other agents. We do not aim to be the cheapest agent, nor the most expensive. What we do expect is that if we are more expensive, there are valid reasons for it that cannot be sourced from other agents that represent your acts.  
  4. All pricing must be based on metropolitan area for a 4-5-hour call with minimum 3 x 45 min sets (in the case of bands). 
  5. Travel allowance will only be provided if more than 1 hour outside of your respective CBD. 
  6. We offer custom packages most of the time. In event your acts or services are part of a larger bundle package, we will contact you to discuss bespoke pricing. If you can have variations within your pricing to allow for performance times or size of acts, wedding rates and corporate rates, this will greatly serve to ensure you are receiving as much work as possible across the event types you are targeting. 
  7.  All other cases (venues or out of town gigs) we will consult with you directly prior to providing a potential client with a quotation.  


Performer Duties and Responsibilities 

Series of Events Australia agrees to provide the offer of work on behalf of the Client to you (the Artist/s) on the following terms:  

  1.  The Artist/s will provide their own Public Liability, ensure they have adequate cover for all Acts and Tasks proposed and provide a copy of current Public Liability Certificate to their members portal. Taxation, superannuation and insurance are the Artists responsibility.  
  2. The Artist/s will ensure maximum Safety is adhered to at all times regarding themselves, other Artists and The General Public. 
  3. The Artist/s will adhere to all instructions provided by the creative director, agent, or Series of Events staff assigned 
  4. The Artist/s accepts it’s their responsibility that all active pricing and acts advertised is up to date and current, and will honor bookings if available 
  5.  The Artist/s to arrive minimum 30 mins before performance times if not instructed to arrive earlier. 
  6. The Artist/s expected to attend any tech runs and rehearsals set by the client as required. 
  7. The Artist/s expected to arrive minimum 10 mins before scheduled training and rehearsal times if required. 
  8. The Artist/s Professionalism: Act professionally and STRICTLY no profanity 
  9. The Artist/s Compulsory rehearsals and tech runs that are allocated on calendar from the times specified, that can be changed with adequate notice. If you are unable to attend you MUST contact SOEA management. Failure to contact is considered a violation 
  10. The Artist/s formal costumes, any collared shirts MUST be ironed, no faded pants, belts and all black shoes 
  11. The Artist/s Must hashtag and tag in captions of posts (# and @) seriesofeventsaustralia and seriesofeventsaus 
  12. The Artist/s that collaborate with SOEA to create new content: SOEA holds all rights to the team performance sets, combos, moves and tricks that we create with The Artist/s and are not allowed to be used outside of SOEA bookings. This also applies to any team performance sets, combos, moves and tricks from our own exclusive shows. Any attempt to duplicate, perform or share the above to external companies outside of SOEA will mark the Artist/s blacklisted to all of our partner channels, venues and suppliers
  13. If Series of Events is your official booking agent, work enquiries for outside sources must be referred to SOEA management for booking and managing your gigs. SOEA management will organise to sign off on all work. You MUST provide documentation of the company and events that  
  14. All members expected to look at all performance details in the official calendar, and contact SOEA management if important information is missing 
  15. All performance work to be assigned to specific members in calendar, all members expected to know who is in their gig by looking at the calendar. If members are missing, contact SOEA management 
  16. All communication around gigs to be made within the appropriate application specified to the Artist/s involved (Timetree, Whatsappetc) 

Our Booking system 

If a client has expressed interest in one of your acts, we will provide the date and request availability via the members portal. You simply then accept or reject as to whether you are available. You will be alerted via email and text message.  

Booking steps: 

  1. If you have rejected, the client will be offered another option. If accepted, the client will be notified you are available. 
  2. When the client is ready to book, the status of accepted will convert to booked in your members portal. You will then receive a BOOKING AGREEMENT. We ask you to check the details and if there are no issues, please email us your invoice within 7 days. This informs us that you are locked away for the booking and we have you set up in our accounting system for payment. If you have any issues with the booking please contact the office within 24 hours.
  3. A Google calendar invite will be sent, that will also contain all the details. This must be accepted into your calendar.
  4. If the client chooses another act, or the event does not go ahead, you will get a CANCELLED status on the event date, and will be notified. 

If in event we are updating or servicing our system, we will manually contact you for availabilities and bookings.  


How to invoice Series of Events for payment. 

Please send your invoice WITHIN 7 DAYS of receiving the TALENT BOOKING AGREEMENT to ensure you will be paid the week following the event. 

Invoices must be correctly addressed as follows: 

Series of Events Australia 

2B Liberty Street
Belmore NSW 2192 

Please include the DATE OF PERFORMANCE & BOOKING NUMBER, YOUR ABN and EMAIL and email the invoice to accounts@soea.com.au 


Your Website Listings 

Through our website (www.soea.com.au) each acts’ chance of getting a booking is only as good as the content we have been provided. 

Make sure you have good quality, up to date image and that the sound and video files do you proud. Also, keep song lists up to date, as clients do read them and make decisions based on this information. 

You can edit or update your acts anytime by logging in to your members portal. Each revision will notify SOEA to approve. Once we have checked the content is up to standard, it will be published. You can check the status anytime of any of your services to see pending/active states.  

If you are lacking the right content, images or just need assistance you can contact us at members@soea.com.au  

Alternatively, you can call us. 

 Professional Event Photography 

There could be professional photographers at the event you are performing at. DO NOT request or share details with the photographer for images. These may be licensed by client, Series of Events or other third parties to be used exclusively by them. 

Please contact Series of Events to inquire if it is possible to access these images.