Daredevil Fire Show

DareDevil fire show

Daredevil Fire Show Series of Events Australia

Corporate, wedding or private event. Dance, fire, aerialists and more.

Show Breakdown

Fully choreographed and highly polished, this is a spectacular show that begins with a little fire and ends with more than you can imagine. Incorporating fire eating, double staff, fire fingers, acrobatics, circus skills and more, this is a breathtaking show that has been a feature act at events Australia wide.

More than just your ordinary fire show the combining of diverse, impressive fire arts with tight choreographed dance moves provide a stunning and captivating show unlike anything seen before.

Performance Requirements:
Minimum 5m x 5m stage space
Minimum 4.5m ceiling height
One power source preferred but not essential

Inclusions and Special Effects

Fire Twirling

Fire Stunts

Fire Acrobatics

Fire Eating

Fire Breathing

Safety and Regulations

The non-pyrotechnic fire industry is currently unregulated. Hence there are many unsafe fire performers causing much damage in this field. SOEA takes the issue of safety very seriously & has designed its own regulations based upon those lade out for the pyrotechnics industry.

SOEA will supply a minimum of one fire safety marshal/s (at their own cost) for any set performance. Our Fire Safety Marshal’s are trained in fire safety, first aid and crowd control. SOEA will only perform within the safety parameters set up for each individual job and will cease performing if there is danger to person’s property or venue. SOEA carries fire safety equipment in the form of: fire blankets and extinguishers.

We also carry all necessary risk assessments and SWMS / MSDS safety sheets, having performed at countless venues Australia wide.

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